How to use sqldeveloper with OS authentication

Jephe Wu  -

Objective: use OS authentication with sql developer on Windows server itself
Environment: Windows 2003 server SP2 32bit, Oracle 10g R2 standard edition 32bit


1. download sqldeveloper MAIN-64.45) for 32bit Windows with JDK included
2. configure sqldeveloper to use OCI/Thick driver
tools-preferences-database-advanced- tick 'use OCI/Thick driver'
3. download Oracle instance client for 32bit Windows
extract ocijdbc11.dll from the zip file, copy into Oracle home directory (e.g. d:\oracle\10.2.0\db-1\bin\)
There should be a ocijdbc10.dll there too.
4. configure connection as follows:

connection name: server_name_sys
role: sysdba
connection type: basic
hostname: localhost
port: 1521
sid: get it from sqlplus 'select instance_name from v$instance'
tick 'OS authentication'