How to install zabbix agent on Windows and backup zabbix database configuration

Jephe Wu -


1. refer to doc at

2. copy 32bit or 64bit unzipped files to c:\Program Files\Zabbix Agent\ (create this directory first)

3. copy configuration file from zabbix source to above directory as zabbix_agentd.conf

An example configuration file is available in Zabbix source archive as misc/conf/


4. install it
go to cmd,
cd "Program Files\Zabbix Agent"
zabbix_agentd.exe -c "c:\Program Files\Zabbix Agent\zabbix_agentd.conf" -i

5. go to services.msc, start zabbix agent.

6. test
from agent host, telnet zabbixserver 10051
from server host, telnet zabbixagent 10050

7. add agent host into zabbix monitored server list

backup zabbix configuration shell script:

root@db01:~/bin/ # more
DAY=`date +%w`
TABLES="acknowledges actions applications autoreg_host conditions config dchecks dhosts drules dservices escalations expressions functions globalmacro graph_theme graphs graphs_items groups help_items hostmacro hosts hosts_groups hosts_profiles hosts_prof
les_ext hosts_templates housekeeper httpstep httpstepitem httptest httptestitem ids images items items_applications maintenances maintenances_groups maintenances_hosts maintenances_windows mappings media media_type nodes opconditions operations opmediatypes profiles proxy_autoreg_host regexps rights screens screens_items scripts services services_links sessions slides slideshows sysmaps sysmaps_elements sysmaps_link_triggers sysmaps_links timeperiods trigger_depends triggers users users_backup users_groups usrgrp valuemaps"
COMMAND="mysqldump -uzabbix -pzabbix zabbix --add-drop-table --add-locks --extended-insert --single-transaction --quick"
DATATABLES="alerts auditlog events history history_log history_str history_str_sync history_sync history_text history_uint history_uint_sync node_cksum proxy_dhistory proxy_history service_alarms services_times trends trends_uint"

# program starts here
$COMMAND --tables $TABLES | gzip > $DIR/zabbix_config_db.$DAY.gz

(echo "From: `hostname`<root@`hostname`>";echo "Subject: Finished daily Zabbix config backup"; echo "To:"; echo "";echo "According to Zabbix
.8 network monitoring book page 377, the following tables are data tables, all others are configuration tables"; echo "";echo "$DATATABLES";echo "";echo "running command $COMMAND --tables $TABLES | gzip > $DIR/zabbix_config_db.$DAY.gz"; echo ""; echo "`ls
-lat /srv/mysql/config_backup`") | /usr/sbin/sendmail