Best standalone unix email program I've ever seen

Jephe Wu

I was trying to find an email program to send out email with attachment under Windows under Cygwin, also can specify which SMTP server to send, it should be a standalone program. I was surprised Cygwin already integrated an standalone email program that is just called 'email' which can meet all my needs.

With this program email, you can send out email with attachment, specify destination SMTP server, it supports SMTP authentication, GPG encryption, with a lot of other command line options. I strongly recommend it for using it under Linux/Unix and Windows with Cygwin environments. I heard some companies even use it for email marketing program.

With email, you don't have to take care of complicated Sendmail configuration, everything you need can be done with this standalone email program with some command line options.

--update: Nowadays, you can have some options such as ssmtp,msmtp,mailsend etc tools to achieve the same thing, even better, please refer to article link below:

How to send out email through Linux command line or Windows