Use RIP CD and MBRFix to easily fix the Windows MBR issue

Jephe Wu -

Whenever your Windows MBR got corrupted or after restoring the back image, you have to fix the MBR issue. With RIP(Recovery Is Possible - and MBRFix -, It becomes very easy job to get it done.

Let's say your Windows server MBR is corrupted or you just restored a Windows partition using ntfsclone ( Now you need to update MBR to boot up Windows automatically.

It's especially useful when you cannot boot up to Windows console to run 'fdisk /mbr' due to whatever reason.


1. boot up with RIP CD (non-X version is enough, we just need to boot it up and use 'Boot partition #1 on first hard drive' option to boot up Windows normally)

2. Windows MBRfix program at

3. Run command below to fix MBR issue.
c:\> MbrFix /drive 0 fixmbr /yes

4. eject out RIP CD, reboot Windows to verify it.

that's it.