How to quickly use vnc to install Oracle database

Jephe Wu -

Objective: use simplest/fastest way to install Oracle database


1. read  for how to install Oracle on OL6

For OL 5, the package is oracle-validated rpm. and please refer to

2. install vnc-server for OL5 and tigervnc-server for OL6, and install xterm package so that we can have a xterminal window after vnc

Note: xterm rpm package doesn't depend on X11 server, it requires a few tools and fonts package.

If you didn't choose 'X Window System' during installing Oracle Linux 6 or RHEL 6, you have to install xorg-x11-twm package also for having window manager in vnc for dbca to work.

3. run 'vncserver' after login as 'oracle' user

4.  run 'vncpasswd' to set vnc password for 'oracle' user

5. run installer from xterm terminal windows after vnc into the server

6.  run 'dbca', 'emca' etc to create database and Enterprise Manager database control if necessary.

7. make sure /etc/hosts has correct ip address and hostname entry, then run the following to create EM.

emca -config dbcontrol db -repos recreate