How to install Toad DBA Suite for Oracle on Windows 7 64bit

Jephe Wu -

Objective: install Toad DBA Suite trial version on Windows 8 64bit
Environment: Windows 7 enterprise edition 64bit, 8G RAM


1. Install Toad DBA Suite for Oracle with default options, without Oracle instant client.

2. download Oracle instant client for Windows 32bit
install 32bit client only, even you are using Windows 7 64bit according to
pdf at page 6 as follows:

Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Note: When running on a 64-bit operating system, you must use the 32-bit Oracle Client.

you can install Oracle client for Windows instead of using instant client at

3. install instant client and configure Windows PATH and variables
download then unzip to c:\instantclient_11_2, the most important file is oci.dll

right client 'my computer', to add the following in the front of the PATH environment variables:


Also add an additional variable as follows:
variable name: NLS_LANG
vriable value: AMERICAN.AMERICA.IW8ISO8859P8

3. Configuring Toad DBA Suite for Oracle for database connection.

refer to

choose the newly installed instant client as connect using:, use 'direct' tab to configure database host, port and service name, type in user and password, connect.

4. References:

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