How to cleanup Windows disk space?

Jephe Wu -

Objective: explore ways to clean up Windows disk drive space.


1. use 'portable folder' software to get bigger picture
  use portable folder to clean up C/D drive recycler folder
2. delete browser cache files and disk cleanup to compress unused files, also empty recycle bin
3. clear system center configuration manager cache files ( control panel - configuration manager - delete cache)

5. create a scheduled task to use tool 'blat' to send disk space notification by email

dir c:\ d:\ | find "free" > c:\blat\drivespace.txt
dir c:\ d:\"sql backups\daily backups" /OD >> c:\blat\drivespace.txt
c:\blat\blat c:\blat\drivespace.txt -subject "C and D Drive free Space and database daily backup logs" -to -server smtp -f