How to make sqlplus more friendly

Jephe Wu -

Objective: to solve some issues with sqlplus such as backspace and command history
Environment: CentOS 5.5 64bit, Oracle 11g 64bit, putty or Xshell ssh client

1. History command

Original sqlpuls doesn't support history commands, you can use rlwrap.

a. download rlwrap from
b. tar xvpfz rlwrap-0.37.tar.gz
c. ./configure; make; make install

2. put the following into ~oracle/.bash_profile
stty erase ^H  (ctrl + V, then H)
# for some ssh client, you might need to use stty erase '^?' (that's shift+6+?)
alias sqlplus='rlwrap sqlplus'

3. run sqlplus normally
like sqlpluls / as sysdba, now you can easily use history commands and move cursors